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Wallacea Tale

about the paradise of birds

Wallacea is a biogeographical designation for a group of mainly Indonesian islands separated by deep-water straits from the Asian and Australian continental shelves. Wallacea includes Sulawesi, the largest island in the group, as well as Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba, Timor, Halmahera, Buru, Seram, and many smaller islands.

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The Deepest Of Lesser Sunda

& break it's bio-misteries

The Lesser Sunda Islands (or Kepulauan Nusa Tenggara or Kepulauan Sunda Kecil) are a group of islands in Maritime Southeast Asia, north of Australia. Together with the Greater Sunda Islands to the west they make up the Sunda Islands.

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Never Lose

Your Best Opportunity

to make your wild memories

Lesser Sunda is listed as one of the places most rich in endemic bird species in the world.

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Find and Feel

The Unique Climate

Of Lesser Sunda that built the unique wildlife

A group of small islands in Lesser Sunda built by a unique climate over geologic time that contributes to the unique wildlife.

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Hidden part of

Flores, Komodo, Sumba & Timor

will provide you with thousands of experiences

Most of the place for birding in Lesser Sunda islands are hidden and undiscovered by most birders. Join us for a new life experience!

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Ruteng Nature Reserve

Ruteng Nature Reserve is the largest rain forest in Flores. Located  in west Flores with an area about over…

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Mount Mbeliling

Mount Mbeliling, located in West Manggarai, is the highest mountain in this region. The Mbeliling Forest Reserve, which spans…

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Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park is a national park in Indonesia located within the Lesser Sunda Islands in the border…

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Poco Ndeki Mount

The mountainous forest around Poco Ndeki Mount is the perfect place for bird watching. It is only around 12km…

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About US

Let Us Bring You To The Deepest Of Wallacea

We Are Flores Bird watching; a tour division of Flores exotic Tour ( We provide private tour on Birding, Wildlife Phorography and Eco tour in a group of islands of Wallacea – Indonesia.


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Birding Tours

Wallacea is a richful place of Birds, including Lesser Sunda. Flores and a group of Islands around is the best decision for birding;

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Photography Tours

Our photography team will take you to the best spot and moment of life that you can capture on your lense. It is the way how to share this beauty to the world

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Eco Tours

Most of people in Flores, Sumba, Timor and Alor still living in traditional way. This is chance to experience eco life and nature

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Sam Rabenak

Birding Guide

Leonardus Nyoman


Hospitality business is my passion, I always handle the clients with my heart and really want to show them the exotic…

Yovie Jehabut


Yovie is a Flores man, born on 12th August, 1984. He loves wild life and all about nature. Birding and Wildlife…

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Flores Scops Owl

Flores Scops Owl (Otus alfredi) is endemic to the island of Flores, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia (BirdLife International 2001). Originally collected on Gunung Repok in…

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Flores Hawk-Eagle

Flores Hawk-eagle (Nisaetus floris) is found in Indonesia, on the islands of Flores, Sumbawa and Lombok as well as on two satellite islands, Satonda…

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Flores Monarch; Highlights of West Flores

Flores monarch (Symposiachrus sacerdotum) is a species of bird in the family Monarchidae. This species is endemic to the western half of Flores, Nusa Tenggara,…

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